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Why use a licensed inspection company?

#1 State of the art testing techniques

Envirospec uses an X-ray Florescence analyzer which shoots X-rays into the paint surface and reads the level of lead in the paint with complete precision and without any damage to the surface. The readings are fast and 100% accurate. We can test all painted surfaces and can even test consumer products and soil for any unhealthy levels of lead. Once we have completed our on site inspection we provide your company with a detailed report of the results, which easily identifies and informs you of the location and level of any lead-based paint. Additionally, a copy of the report can be given to the property owner as a reference for future projects.

While RRP regulations currently allow test-kits for lead-based paint testing, these kits have some notable disadvantages. Test kits less reliable than an XRF gun and are destructive to painted surfaces. Using test kits can also become expensive depending on how many samples you need to take to sufficiently test your project.

#2 Shift liability from your firm to our firm

Peace of mind is worth its weight in gold. By hiring Envirospec as a certified inspection company you are shifting the liability away from your company. We assume the liability of any inspection we perform and guarantee the accuracy of the results. If your company performs the testing you are responsible to prove that the test was performed correctly if lead paint is somehow missed.

#3 Avoid a conflict of interest

The moment a test comes back positive for lead-based paint the amount of work required to properly complete the job increases. Envirospec is an impartial third party. Using Envirospec allows the property owner to feel confident that you as the contractor are being completely fair and honest with them.

Please call our office anytime day or night. We are ready to give our best service at extremely competitive rates. Using Envirospec you can rest assured we will give the correct diagnosis on your important projects. We look forward to working with you.